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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/27/2016 Shepherd mix Very friendly older tan dog. Has a little bit of white around his muzzle and black specks on his tongue. Was found near Colonial Baptist Church on Mountain Pass Rd. towards the 460 side. Probably around 60 or so pounds. Likes getting in the care but requires help. Mountain Pass Rd Blue Ridge View Details
07/28/2016 Red heeler very sweet female friendly Off Plantation rd near Oliver View Details
07/29/2016 Cat Orange and white older adult female declawed. Bony back and fullness in chest. White patch on middle of back, white face. Not actual photo but similar. Williamson Rd area off Oakland Blvd NW Roanoke, VA butting to Cook Ave. Yes View Details
07/30/2016 Beagle There is no collar tag. I think it is a beagle, but am not sure. Mostly black with brown and white spots. Hauling around a chain leash attached to one of those devices that keep a dog wiyhin a certain area by attaching to the ground. Which happened to be green. Not sure how he managed to pull it out. He backed off repeatedly when I approached him, so I didn't try to keep him here. He was here around 7:45 PM. Forest Edge Drive, Roanoke Va View Details
07/30/2016 Cat Orange and white female cat white underneath and white pals approximately 1+ years old. Green eyes and short hair. Cat appears to be boney on her back and full underneath. Meows a lot for attention. Shy but lovable. Oakland Blvd NW Roanoke City and hanging out in backyard and covered patio. View Details
07/31/2016 Kitten Solid black kitten 6-8 weeks old.
Very calm and loving and I believe to be be someone's pet.
Camille Ave in Moo Maw Heights off of Salem TurnpikeThe kitten looks to be 6-8 Yes View Details
08/01/2016 Dog Black and white female English setter found in middle of Bradshaw Road in Roanoke County with a male red and white male English setter. 4900 Bl0ck of Bradshaw Road in Roanoke County View Details
08/01/2016 Dog Red and white male English Setter found with black and white female English Setter in the 4900 block of Bradshaw Road in Roanoke County. Male has green collar with no tags, and female has invisible fence collar with no tags. 4900 block of Bradshaw Road, Roanoke County View Details
08/03/2016 Cat Looks like she recently had kittens, kittens are no where to be found. Been watching her for days and been leaving her food but she hardly leaves my porch. She feels skinny but has a healthy appetite from what I can tell. Seems very friendly. SE Roanoke View Details
08/03/2016 Canine Male Un-neutered terrier dog, blonde color North Lakes Subdivision, North Roanoke County View Details
08/04/2016 Scottish terrier Black Scottie no collar. Found at round about in colonial. Wound on lower back.
Strayed off around 8:15 pm. Was told he was picked up by a passing car.
Round about near colonial drive. View Details
08/04/2016 Terrier Mix Very friendly dog found. Black/Brown coat. Looks to a Terrier of some kind. No microchip. Found only wearing a red flea collar. No real collar or tags. He is a very friendly and good dog, but we cannot keep him long term. If the owner doesn't claim him soon then he will have to go to the pound!! Found wandering on West Vale Rd Roanoke, VA NE 24019. Yes View Details
08/05/2016 mixed breed, hound, pointer? small (30-40 lb) grey with black spots. Very friendly. Stonegate subdivision, botetourt county View Details
08/06/2016 Dog My black toy poodle name Poochie was found. Thank you very much for the family who contacted me that they had found, and took care of him. View Details
08/09/2016 Dog Terrier mix. Blind in one eye. White brownish short hair Yes View Details
08/09/2016 Dog White, curly fur. Found near Grandin area Grandin area, roanoke city View Details
08/11/2016 mixed short hair Young medium size male, happy go lucky, running around Dixie Caverns Campground after 10 pm with another unidentified smaller young dog (a separate entry), and he loves to sit in your lap. He appeared to be in good health and cried outside my travel trailer when I went inside. (I have two small female dogs who remained inside.)Neither dog was seen in the area in the morning and no one recognized pic. Dixie Caverns Campground, 5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153. Site #47. Yes View Details
08/11/2016 unknown short hair Happy go lucky, black and brown short hair, medium size, too big for your lap but wants to sit in it anyway. Found running around Dixie Caverns Campground with a smaller multi-colored dog (separate entry) approx. 10 pm. Fed but was gone in the am. Pic wasn't recognized by neighbors or mgmt. Dixie Caverns Campground 5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153 Site #47 Yes View Details
08/11/2016 unknown short hair multi color Found running around in Dixie Caverns Campground with another larger dog. Very thin, ribs and spine seen. Lovable, napped in lap. Fed but not seen next morning. Neighbors and mgmt. didn't recognize pic. Dixie Caverns Campground 5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153 Yes View Details
08/12/2016 dog pitbull He was a super sweet dog and was trying to get into are fence to play with our puppy. He is a light brownish tan and white pitbull male with a black collar. He would not stay still long enough to get a good picture 9th street vinton, va View Details
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