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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
04/16/2013 Dog Found near Camp Easter Seals Road a White and Tan, Female, Tall, Hound Type Dog, SUPER FRIENDLY, and well taken care of. No collar or Tattoo tag. I have pictures I am willing to send if this is your dog. I will need proof this is your dog because she is way to friendly and nice to just be passed off. HELP US FIND THIS FRIENDLY GIRL HER HOME AND FAMILY!
Near Camp Easter Seals Yes View Details
04/16/2013 Corgi mix Found in Shipman on Craigtown Road running down street 6:45pm. Owner will need to identify specific features of dog and collar. No tags on it. Tan squat dog. Shipman, Craigtown Road View Details
04/20/2013 Beagle or Beagle-mix This is a very sweet dog who is clearly someone well-loved pet. Hunting Hills View Details
04/20/2013 ? Yorkie terrier Small brown and black ? Yorkie Terrier (very matted and dirty) This dog has not been contained but has been roaming the neighborhood for days. Several people have attempted to catch it, but it is very skiddish and very fast. RCACP has been notified. Meadowlark Rd SW, near Penn Forest Elementry and new Roanoke County Library View Details
04/27/2013 collie Male, black and white. Sweet boy. Found in stewartsville area off rt 24. Stewartsville Yes View Details
04/27/2013 Dog Solid white dog found, small to medium size, well behaved female dog, long wire like hair Rt 24 in Parkway Estates View Details
04/29/2013 pit bull mix This guy is very sweet and knows a few commands. He was recently shaved from his midsection to his tail due to mange (?). Wearing wide red collar. Jeters Chapel Rd. area of Stewartsville, VA outside of Vinton. Yes View Details
05/01/2013 Cat, domestic, short hair Spayed, friendly three year old female cat. Obviously a pet. Also, checked b vet. Healthy. Wants to go home. Found off Sunset Ave, Troutville, VA. Available for adoption. Needs a good home. Unable to keep her. Please call 540-992-4320. Sunset Ave, Troutville, VA Yes View Details
05/01/2013 Cat, domestic, short hair spayed, very friendly three year-old female cat. She is obviously a pet. Checked by vet and is healthy. Well cared for. Black with light red markings. She is playful and wants her ears rubbed. Jumps in my cars and appears to have been lost. Troutville, Virginia, off of Sunset Avenue. View Details
05/02/2013 Lab Black lab puppy around 3-4 months old Near RT 602 -Callaway Road, Callaway VA (very close to roanoke/franklin county line View Details
05/04/2013 pomeranian Found at 2326 grandin rd. It is a business called Allsports Cafe 2326 grandin rd. Roanoke va 24015 View Details
05/05/2013 Black & white Small black & white kitten found. Very playful. Has black beard & black dot on nose. Foxhall Circle Roanoke Va Yes View Details
05/05/2013 black/ white kitten We 've found a small black/ white kitten that has been living under our porch. He appears to be healthy but very shy. So far I can only get within 6 ft of him/ her. We are feeding him & he / she gets along well with our other cats. Hopefully we can reunite him/her with the owner. Foxhall Circle in SW Roanoke Co. View Details
05/05/2013 Min pin and Chow mix Chow mix is a female with no collar. Found at Towers Mall this evening. View Details
05/05/2013 black / white Found on May 5 2013. 3 month old female kitten . Weighs 2 lbs 12 ounces Foxhall Circle SW County Yes View Details
05/06/2013 Yorkshire Terrier Timid calm sweet older female Yorkie! She must be crate trained, found on Castlerock RD in SW County May 6th at about 5:15pm. She may have run over from Longhorn Ave also. She's safe and getting extra love from the kids. Give me a call if she's yours! Thanks! Castlerock/Longhorn SW County Yes View Details
05/07/2013 dog Sweet senior girl, brown with white markings, graying face. No collar, no chip, found in Cave Spring area in the rain, wearing a thunder shirt. She is safe but scared, looking for her family. Crystal Creek Drive, Cave Spring are Yes View Details
05/07/2013 Boxer Mix Senior Boxer Mix found on Crystal Creek Dr (near Cave Spring Middle School). Crystal Creek Dr (near Cave Spring Middle School) in Roanoke County Yes View Details
05/08/2013 Beagle / Hound Mix Rust and white. Tail has white tip. Four white socks - socks have light rust colored freckles. Yellow eyes / flesh colored nose. Has been neutered. Zion Hill Road, Fincastle, VA 24090 View Details
05/12/2013 German sheppard dog this is a black and partly brown german sheppard male dog SenecaFalls, NY View Details
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