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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/21/2013 mixed breed Black and white medium size male dog, mixed breed. very sweet and loving. NE roanoke city off of 460 View Details
01/25/2013 cat Hit by a car who left kept going and left cat on Mason Mill Roanoke, in Roanoke, Va. 24012 (about 3 miles from the RVSPCA/RCACP) facility. Cat was dead on impact, but it was snowing and my heart broke for the poor baby so I pulled over, scooped him up and brought him home. I have it wrapped up safely outside. Today is Friday, Jan. 25th. I will hold on to him a few days incase there is a family out their baby and wanting to bury it. Mason Mill Rd near Tinker Creek/Orange Ave area View Details
01/27/2013 Small to medium black and white dog has been seen on our property a few time. Its a little shy and I haven't been able to get close. Has a very high pitched bark and appears like a high energy type dog. Buchanan, Fincastle View Details
01/28/2013 cat Adolescent orange/cream tabby cat with white. Intact male. There was a cat carrier left by our apartment building on Sunday that was empty upon inspection. Monday night I found the cat outside of our building. Another neighbor reported that the cat ran into his apartment Sunday morning. Grandin and Windsor, SW Roanoke (Raleigh Court) View Details
01/29/2013 Poodle Either a toy poodle or a puppy. All white. Looks cared for. Hershberger Road. Was in the street - at 3570 Hershberger Road Yes View Details
02/03/2013 Scottish Terrier Very nice, black Scottish Terrier. Looks well-fed and cared for. Maiden Lane SW, Raleigh Court neighborhood View Details
02/06/2013 mixed, brown short legged dog Short legged brown dog. Diamond Hill area of Moneta. View Details
02/06/2013 dog Male brown short legged dog found in the Diamond Hill area of Moneta. Moneta Yes View Details
02/09/2013 cat Very fluffy grey cat. Very friendly. White paws and white chest. Meows alot. Back Creek off Martins Creek Road View Details
02/10/2013 hound Older dog, white face. White at tip of tail. Doesn't see well. Very calm and sweet. Probably a hunting dog, both ears look like they were tagged at some point. Moves slowly. SW Roanoke County Kingston Court neighborhood near Hidden Valley HS View Details
02/13/2013 jack russell terrier White with light brown spots on r ear and tail. Name on tag is "Rasckle" Found dog approximately 10:45am wed 2/13/13 running down the road darting in front of cars in the rain. He's very friendly. I called Rocky mount vet # on tag, cell number on tag out of service, and home again pet services with lo luck. Huntridge Rd Bonsack area View Details
02/14/2013 dog White looks to be Beagle mix. White black spots some brown trim. Bobbed tail about 50 ~ 60 pounds. Found on the Hardy Rd area Rke. Co. Took to regional animal protection shelter around 8PM thur Feb 14. Great dog. Hardy Rd. Roanoke County View Details
02/15/2013 Maltese or Shih szuh Very sweet dog found running in traffic on Brandon Avenue Brandon Avenue in Raleigh Court, Roanoke, Va Yes View Details
02/17/2013 Chihuahua Mix Light tan male - he is not neutered. Very friendly and wanted to play once we got some food in him. Shady Grove Area of Stewartsville Yes View Details
02/18/2013 Mixed Breed fixed male Medium to large dog, 62 pounds. Black face mask, pointy ears, mostly white with a dusting of black spots in his fur. Large black spot on rump and one around tail. House broken, very well mannered. Jumps in car, sits on my lap, knows about the stove and refrigerator, and walks on a leash without pulling. Doesn't know how to play with other dogs.

Took him to my vet, no chip. Please, someone is missing this dog.
Seen Monday, 10 AM, walking down the middle of Edwardsville Road in Hardy, VA. This is not far from Coopers Cove or Hardy Road. He made it to our house that night. Yes View Details
02/18/2013 australian sheperd mix fixed male, older dog. Well behaved. House broken Edwardsville rd. hardy va Yes View Details
02/23/2013 Border Collie, Blk/wht Dog has shown up at my house for last 3 days. Skiddish of people. Can't tell if male or female, will not allow me to get too close. If this is your dog, please contact me as soon as possible. Beautiful dog. Brunswick Forge Road, Troutville, VA View Details
02/25/2013 Feline Dark brown striped tabby cat, looks young..Has 4 white feet...VERY hungry! Looks to be young, maybe 1-1/2 years old, looking for food, but very timid. Found near Starkey Rd area, keeps trying to come in the house..even with the dog! Please let us know if your missing him/her! 5600 block of Starkey Rd and Woods Crossing, Roanoke County View Details
03/02/2013 cat found small cat tabby less than one year old Alfonso Dr Agoura hills California 91301 cross street canwood / Reyes adobe View Details
03/02/2013 long gray haired cat long haired gray cat, been coming up to our home to eat, runs away when we get near, seems very hungry and very timid. bent mountain rd, roanoke county View Details
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