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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
04/24/2014 Dog Tri color, head is mostly tan, legs and feet are white. Very, very sweet dog. She has been hanging around the neighborhood on Porter's Mountain which is near Blue Ridge, Montvale and Stewartsville for a week or more. She came to my house yesterday and appears thin as if she has been away from home for a while. I will snag her for you if you think she is your girl, otherwise, I'm going to leave her free and hope she finds her way back home. 1773 Wooldridge Rd. Blue Ridge VA View Details
04/19/2014 Cat Blue eyes. Has a white body and stripes on the face, tail and paws. May not have its claws. Day avenue. Roanoke city. View Details
04/17/2014 Dog Beagle mix. Being held as a stray at Angels of Assisi. Please call 344-8707 if your dog. Roanoke City Yes View Details
04/16/2014 Dog White dog, looks like lab/pit mix. Being held at Angels of Assisi. If your dog, please contact 540-344-8707. Boutetourt County Yes View Details
04/16/2014 Dog Looks like golden Retr. mix. Being held at Angels of Assisi. If your dog, please contact 540-344-8707. Botetourt County Yes View Details
04/16/2014 papillion Male Papillion found on Lafayette Ave. Very friendly but wants his family Found on Lafayette Ave. Yes View Details
04/13/2014 Feline Tan orangy cat with white patches, left eye has a cut in the corner of it. Blueridge area rollingwood ct View Details
04/13/2014 DOG small black (white hairs showing on snout) soft, long, slightly curly coat. I'd say she's 10-15 lbs older in age very gentle female. 9th st SE Roanoke VA View Details
04/13/2014 Cat Smaller cat tan and white In front of my house in storm drain, it's been there a couple days now View Details
04/12/2014 cat & kittens Tortie female cat and 4 kittens Shenandoah Ave, storage unit View Details
04/10/2014 Dog tan and white with unique markings found at the goodwill on layfette and melrose View Details
04/08/2014 Unknown Schnauzer hair cut I found this dog in the street on Cedar Ave in Vinton and he came straight to me. Very well-behaved. Looks like he is taken care of. Tannish - off white color. Please call 5406764992 to identify him. He probably misses home. Cedar Ave Vinton, VA View Details
04/06/2014 Walker Hound Walker Hound, intact male, orange collar with no tags, no microchip, found 4/6 on mcfalls rd blue ridge va Mcfalls rd blue ridge va Yes View Details
04/05/2014 Lab mix Found Friendly younger Black Dog...Please describe to claim. Found in Troutville area. Troutville Yes View Details
04/04/2014 Male Cat Orange and white cat. Very sweet and loving, possibly def. It is a male cat...seems to be an adult. He was found in the Salem area around Turner Ave. Looks like he has been neutered. Missing his home very much. Salem, Va around Turner Ave View Details
04/02/2014 pit boxer mix?? Stewartsville library area. Friendly. Collar. No tags Stewartsville View Details
04/02/2014 Pit / boxer ? Friendly. Wearing collar. No tags. Light brown/fawn color. No color markings. Several scars Stewartsville library area View Details
04/01/2014 Dog Unaltered Jack Russel Terrier, perhaps a mix, older than 5 years, no collar worn.. obviously very well cared for and loved. SE area of Roanoke near Fallon Park Elementary. View Details
03/30/2014 Kitten Very friendly grey kitten with green eyes. Found in a tree on Devon Road in SW Roanoke - behind Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Found around 5pm on Sunday, March 30th. Yes View Details
03/29/2014 Terrier Little black well mannered little fellow. Meacham Road Yes View Details
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