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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
09/13/2014 Cat Black and white kitten found in a tree. Very friendly and seems to be very comfortable with people, especially children. Very sweet. Found in the Spring Grove neighborhood beside William Byrd High School. View Details
09/13/2014 Cat Extremely friendly male black/gray Tabby Cat with green eyes. Mountain View Road, Vinton Roanoke County side near the Blue Ridge Parkway Yes View Details
09/13/2014 cat this is a grey and black tabby cat, I think it's a male. He looks to be about 8-10 lbs, is rather lean-looking except for some loose skin on his underside near his hind legs. He has some tan areas on his underside near his back legs. His chest has a small white spot and his chest and front legs have black "rings". He is tame and wanting to come inside. I've been feeding him. He seems to like Fancy Feast, especially the tuna flavors !
Oakcliff Townhomes, off Garstmill Rd, near Cave Spring Corners. The homes are behind and above The Brambleton Deli and NW Hardware. View Details
09/11/2014 Cat All black male cat found. He's neutered with golden eyes. Very friendly. Clearbrook View Details
09/10/2014 Small Dog DOG SPOTTED ON TRAIN TRACKS IN ROANOKE... Small dog (possibly a long-haired Dachshund mix, white with tan markings) spotted on train tracks near Carlos Drive crossing in Roanoke. The crossing is just off of Hollins Road and not far from Old Mountain Road. As I approached Carlos Drive around 7pm on 9/10/14, I met a nice lady who was trying to help capture the frightened, loose puppy. I think the dog was initially seen running along Hollins Rd; it then ran toward Carlos and went southbound on the train tracks. When I arrived at the scene, the dog had vanished. I went home to pick up supplies. When I returned, I found the dog running along tracks, this time running northbound toward Carlos crossing. When the dog saw me he rested a bit, but as I tried to approach the dog got spooked. This time running south along the tracks again. I drove around to the neighborhood where the tracks lead (near Columbia). Another nice lady who lives near the track said she would be on the look out. By this point, it was getting dark so the search effort ended. Special thanks to the sweet lady I met on Carlos who has a heart of gold. She also came back to look for the little dog. Hoping the dog is found safe and soon. PLEASE SHARE with anyone who may have lost a little dog fitting this description. Hollins strs in Roanoke running along train tracks
Yes View Details
09/07/2014 American Bulldog? Found: White dog with dark brown spots on ears and hind area. This dog was found wandering on Roaring Run Road. She is shy, but very friendly. She was found on 9-7-14 around 7:30 p.m. Roaring Run Road, around 7:30 p.m. View Details
09/06/2014 Shih Tzu Found dog on Brandon Ave. near Grandin. Sweet white female Shih tzu looking dog with grayish brown spots. Is micro-chipped, but is not registered. Has a collar, but no tags. Was bleeding some from mouth when first encountered. May have been scared by the storm today and chewed her way out. Grandin area off Brandon Ave. Yes View Details
09/05/2014 Dog Young, smelly, thin and hungry. No collar or tags. Botetourt County View Details
09/04/2014 Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat Male brown tabby cat with caramel-colored underside. Left ear is tipped but not a feral cat. Vocal and "kneady"; loves to be picked up and held. Southeast Yes View Details
09/01/2014 Jack Russell ATTN: Libby Found Jack Russell, approx. less than 1 year old, mostly tan with a little white. Very active and can jump several feet in the air. Loves people and other dogs.
Bore Auger Mtn near Blue Ridge Yes View Details
08/30/2014 Unsure Very friendly white dog. Tail curls on towards back. No collar. Cloverdale, VA Yes View Details
08/29/2014 Feline Young calico cat showed up on our front porch on Friday afternoon. They were very thin and dehydrated. Very clean, friendly and no fleas/ear mites. We have been feeding it twice a day and have provided shelter outdoors. We think it is a male but not positive. We will continue to feed for a couple more days but need for him to be picked up or bring in on Tuesday when you reopen. 5104 plantation grove Lane, Roanoke 24012 View Details
08/29/2014 mixed-maybe some jack russell Intact male, light tan with some white. Very friendly and likes to play fetch. Vet thinks he is about 1 year old. Weighs 19 lbs. Found about 2 weeks ago. Bore-auger Mountain near Blue Ridge Yes View Details
08/28/2014 long hair dachshund Male long hair Dachshund. Intact (not fixed). Rust/Red in color. Approx 2 years old. Very docile. Very well trained. Roanoke Civic Center area Yes View Details
08/27/2014 Dog Chocolate brown/black male Pit Bull
A touch of white on all four feet
Has an unusual mark on his chest
Appears to be neutered
Very sweet but nervous and scared
Had on a tri-colored collar
He really just wants to go home

Please if he is your dog call 540-597-4088
Found off of Bore Auger Road in Blue Ridge
Which is Botetourt County but closer to Bedford
Yes View Details
08/24/2014 Dog - Husky or Malamute This dog was sitting in the southbound lane of Franklin Road at Woods Avenue and seemed to be in pain of some kind (he didn't really want to stand up but finally did). We called Roanoke Animal Control and he is currently at the Roanoke Pound (RCACP at Baldwin Avenue) after a vet said he seemed okay but might have arthritis. If you think this dog might be yours, call the pound or call me and I can give you more info. He seemed to be feeling much better when I visited him at the pound. I know somebody must be looking for him. Franklin Road at Woods Avenue in Roanoke VA Yes View Details
08/23/2014 Beagle mixes? ? Two brown black and white dogs on grandin Rd ran into our yard were running in traffic and obviously lpst. We have them please call to pick up 3581 grandin Rd Roanoke va 24018 View Details
08/21/2014 Dog Super sweet grey and white pit. Very friendly and well cared for, about 75lbs, obviously somebody's baby. Come get your dog!!! Hooter's on Williamson Road in Roanoke. View Details
08/19/2014 Canine Very Friendly, tan & white wire haired terrier. Glenvar area, near Fort Lewis Baptist church View Details
08/18/2014 terrior mix found on Ashley Drive, Hardy. Bedford County. Very friendly. Call to identify. Bedfor County close to Hardy Road 5 miles from Vinton View Details
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