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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/12/2015 Dog This dog is a Small beagle type . she does have white paws. She was very scared and hunched over when my husband called her but she got right in the car with him. my husband found her as he was driving up bent mountain (221) she was running up towards the top and he found her in the curvy parts of the road close to the top of the mountain. View Details
01/12/2015 Pitbull She is brindle in color. Well mannered. Loves other animals. And kids. She was found late last night and was very hungry and had ice frozen to her in places. We gave her a bath and feed her. Poor Mountain road on Bent Mountain VA Yes View Details
01/12/2015 Pitbull Due to the nature of abuse these dogs go through. I would need the owner to show some short of proof this is there dog. Keeping it inside until I can locate owner. Poor Mountain Rd. Bent Mountain, VA. View Details
01/11/2015 Pit Bull Due to the nature of abuse of Pit Bulls I would require the owner to describe the dog, sex, and collar. We are keeping it in our home until the owner is found. Running loose on Merriman Rd. in the Starkey Area of Southwest Roanoke County. View Details
01/10/2015 Large mutt Found dog off leash in back yard of my house Brandon ave View Details
01/10/2015 Shepherd mix We saw this dog with another dog (maybe a husky mix?) in our backyard near elks club/ brambleton rd. but the other dog would not come to us and ran off. This dog is friendly with our dog and listens to our commands. He has stuck around our house and we will keep him inside with us overnight if the owners are not found before! Wearing a chain collar. The other dog had maybe a red harness on? Oakwood dr. ( behind Elks Club) View Details
01/10/2015 Dog Tri-color, female, beagle Botetourt County (Blue Ridge Turnpike 24090 Fincastle) Yes View Details
01/08/2015 Dog A stray brown and white dog has been hanging around since before Thanksgiving. He or she is very skittish and won't allow me to approach. The dog appears to be some type of hound. He or she has been seen on the hillside behind the cemetery next to Lincoln Terrace Elementary School off Liberty Road. Behind the Cemetery off Liberty Road next to Lincoln Terrace Elementary School. Yes View Details
01/08/2015 cat Small black and white kitty. Appears to be young and very friendly. Jonathan Lane Roanoke VA View Details
01/08/2015 cat Very sweet, small black and white kitty with a black heart nose and black chin. Black markings over her eyes. Not much of a talker, but loves to lay with people. Jonathan Lane (The Orchards area near Bonsack) Yes View Details
01/06/2015 Cat Very vocal, large orange tabby cat - very friendly with people, does not appear to be afraid of dogs - orange/gold eyes Glendale Gardens subdivision NW Roanoke - just off of Greenridge Road Yes View Details
01/05/2015 Dog Male, Chuggle, Tan, around 5 Years old, 10.75lbs, Roanoke City - Found on 5th and Orange Ave NW Yes View Details
01/04/2015 Cat White cat with tan and black ears. Strip tail and blue eyes. Very friendly. Scratched up back. SE off 9th street Yes View Details
01/02/2015 feline brown multi colored female cat, very friendly but afraid of the outdoors. Just walked into my house when I opened the door. 8th st vinton va View Details
01/02/2015 feline very poor condition, solid gray small adult cat princeton cr View Details
12/31/2014 Pointer mix? Black head, mostly white body with black patches Kroger at Hollins in Roanoke County Yes View Details
12/31/2014 Golden Retriever We have had this friendly girl stay in our yard before. We believe the owners live on Dawnwood Road. Please contact us if you know of anyone with a golden in the Poage Valley area of Back Creek. Poage Valley road extension Roanoke County Yes View Details
12/30/2014 poodle mix Older black poodle mix. Very friendly. North County, Elden Ave. off Plantation Rd. Yes View Details
12/27/2014 Dog Black & tan, long-hair Chihuahua male.
Found on the side of Williamson Rd. near Berglund. Been on the streets for a while - he is in very rough condition. Appears young, maybe 1-2 years old. Seems nice - gets along well with other dogs, housebroken, crate-trained.
Williamson Rd. near Berglund View Details
12/24/2014 Shepard mix Gold color Shepard mix about a year old friendly little timid at first Intersection of hardy rd and beagle club View Details
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