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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
02/12/2018 Boxer mix Found dog plantation/Vista ave. Yes View Details
02/10/2018 Dog Red with golden eyes. Very friendly. Followed me on to my porch when I got home from work abou 11:30 last night. Will have scanned for a chip Mondsy Richland Hills Dr / Wildwood Rd area of Salem View Details
02/07/2018 Pitbull Grey pitbull with white sox 94 Shanta Lane Roanoke, VA View Details
02/04/2018 small shorthair something light brown short haired mix. Left side back leg has two small wounds. Real timid and sweet. bonsack area in Roanoke View Details
02/01/2018 Cat Looks to be Mane Coon and tabby mix. Black, brown and grayish coloring. Extrememly sweet, but dislikes being indoors for more than an hour. We took him to the vet to see if he was chipped, he is not, but is neutered. Hollins, by brookside park. Yes View Details
01/28/2018 Labs Mix? 2 Lost Dogs. Male and Female. Male is a mix lab Brindle with no collar
female is tall,skinny yellow mix with pink,white, blue collar. Both very friendly and gentle. You can tell they are house dogs and escaped some how. Called animal control so they wont get hit by a car because they kept walking into the street.
Behind Wasena Elementary, next to cemetery. Near Brandon Ave. Yes View Details
01/25/2018 Cat Yellow (orange) and white, young male cat with no tale (manx?). Very friendly, vocal, wants to come inside. Broad St NW near Grandview, Roanoke, Virginia. View Details
01/25/2018 Cat Yellow (orange) and white, young male cat with no tale (manx?). Very friendly, vocal, wants to come inside. Broad St NW near Grandview, Roanoke, Virginia. View Details
01/18/2018 Mixed He has bright blue eyes and is a little skittish. Plays well with our dogs. He has been hanging around for about a week Lewis-Gale/ Oak Grove area in Roanoke Yes View Details
01/14/2018 Cat Black longhair, friendly & vocal cat Reserve Ave sw View Details
01/12/2018 border collie mix black & white male; very sweet; black coloring around right eye; black harness

Standing in the middle of Buck Mountain Road, Roanoke County, VA Yes View Details
01/10/2018 Dog I saw someone drive off and leave this dog this morning. He's a young, brindle, pitbull. I am posting just in case he was taken or lost from someone before he was discarded today. Wasena, Roanoke City Yes View Details
01/04/2018 Canine Mature male, tan and white with tan patches on back, gentle demeanor Found in Salem, VA on Main St./ Conehurst (near Lakeside Plaza) Yes View Details
12/31/2017 Canine Brown and tan with hazel eyes. Recently spayed with blue tattoo Parkway in Botetourt View Details
12/28/2017 Cat This cat is young has a very distinct mark on the face . 15th St Se Roanoke View Details
12/25/2017 Dog Large black shaggy dog pointed face and white paws Around Player and Jacklin drive View Details
12/23/2017 Pit mix Sweet pit bull mix found near Boones Mill on Hwy 220. Brindle color with white markings on face, legs and chest. Boones Mill area on Hwy 220. View Details
12/23/2017 Dog Dog is scared In the middle of 220 Boones mill Va View Details
12/23/2017 Dog Found German shepherd Williamson Rd area View Details
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