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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
03/02/1914 cat grey/brown tabby mix between the police station and Roanoke Times View Details
04/12/1914 canine - Carin Terr mix Found female Cairn Terrier mix? Tan in color. Very friendly. Roanoke County, Hollins College area. LaMarre and Hugh View Details
07/09/1914 Husky Two huskies were running in the street this morning, by the Advance Auto and the Fire Station on 13th ST and Jamison (?) (down from Arby's), at 7:30 am this morning. They were very friendly and well taken care of but no tags. I got one to get in my car and was working one the second one when Animal Control pulled up. They took them about 7:45 am. If these are your dogs, or you know who they belong to, please go down to RCACP (Animal Control in Roanoke by the shelter). The officer said they would hold them for 11 days since one had a collar and it was obvious they were together. They are too sweet and beautiful to have something happen to them!! by Advance Auto Parts & Fire Station on 13th ST and Jamison (?) in Roanoke (near Vinton) View Details
09/13/1914 Dog This puppy was found as a stray in Roanoke City on 9/13/14. Roanoke City Yes View Details
09/18/1914 Black and little Gold Cat Came home same address View Details
10/01/1914 pit bull very nice well with other dogs and people sits and gives paw white streak reddish brown in color pink nose white on chest not neutered looks older ? not sure please call 540-258-1478 FOUND BETWEEN LYNCHBURG,MADISON HEIGHTS, BEDFORD ON RT.130 View Details
06/29/1915 Walker Hound Sweet dog, house broken,, Been traveling very thin, sore feet, was full of ticks. about 2 - 3 years old, good teeth, nails have been maintained Kerr Lake Area NC/ Virginia border Yes View Details
04/06/2012 Walker Hound FOUND: Blue Ridge/Botetourt Co. 4/6/14, intact male, walker hound, probably 3-5 years old, orange collar but no tags, he's rather skinney, I have fed him and will take him tomm to see if he is microchipped. Please contact me at 540-874-0618. Mcfalls road, blue ridge/ Botetourt co. Yes View Details
12/16/2012 cat Neutered male gray cat found at Greenhill Park in Salem. Is friendly, likes people and seems like an indoor cat. Vet said he could be as old as 8-10 years. Large male cat, but currenly is skinny, around 7.5 pounds when found. Greenhill Park in Salem View Details
12/19/2012 Black lab mix She is black with a few white hairs (hardly noticeable) on her chest and a few on her feet. I did't notice the white last night. Her snout is long like a shepherd, But her skull structure around her eyes is wide like a pit bull. Although on first glance she seems like a very slim black lab. She gets along well with children and other dogs and seems to have been kept in the house. She is under a year old, very puppish. My little boy thinks she's great! My two Pyrs are quite protective of her. 5821 cavalier drive View Details
12/19/2012 Canine A sweet female black/brindle/white dog....maybe a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix. Such a sweet girl about 2-4 years old. In Troutville...near the Troutville Fire Dept View Details
12/20/2012 dog I found a tan/gold short haired dog, she looks like she is young and maybe mixed with a hound, she has four white socks and a white diamond on her chest, she is very friendly she was found on 220 headed toward fincastle /away from eagle rock View Details
12/20/2012 Dog/Lab Mix Found a few days ago in Garden City. She has a collar on with no tag. She's kind of skiddish, but very affectionate once she opens up to you. I haven't found a name that she answers to. I've just been saying a bunch of different names to her to see if she responds. She's large/medium sized with light brown fur. Black nose and black around the eyes. White-ish underbelly. Very playful. Estates Rd SE, Roanoke, VA 24014 View Details
12/21/2012 dog Male dog, about 4 months old
probably golden retriever mix
gold color
melrose ave and one block east fairfax ave
Los angeles, ca 90048
View Details
12/21/2012 Dog Black dog with brown markings, like a Doberman or Rotteweiler, medium-sized, female. Very friendly and in good health. Wandered into my yard. Eden Drive, Roanoke, near Williamson and Herschberger View Details
12/23/2012 Dog Med size black short haired dog. Not a baby but not a year old yet I don't believe. Maybe Lab mix or Hound mix. Found at Food Lion on the corner of Peters creek Rd. and Shenandoah Ave. Yes View Details
12/23/2012 Dog Young, white, possible shepherd mix. Brown eyes. Very friendly. Bull Run Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Bent Mountain. View Details
12/25/2012 black and tan coon dog Large breed black and tan dog. Found trotting down Old Cave Spring Rd. around 9am. Old Cave Spring Rd. View Details
12/25/2012 Pomeranian Dog has a scar on its back.
Dog has an injured or infected eye.
This is a re-entry to correct spelling of the breed.
[By the way, all dogs are the same species.]
211 Spruce LN, Callaway, VA Yes View Details
12/26/2012 Terrier I found a Jack Terrier (I believe) on Thirlane Rd, Roanoke, VA at about 8.15am. Right behind the United healthcare building, he was scared and cold, hard to tell the color he had been in the rain and was a bit muddy but he was white with brown and black spots and he had a brown collar. Animal control was called and he was picked up On Thirlane Rd Roanoke, VA behind ADT and United healthcare building View Details
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