Become a Rescue Partner

Help us save more lives!

The Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection (RCACP) is the municipal pound for the City of Roanoke, Town of Vinton, and Counties of Roanoke and Botetourt in Virginia.  The RCACP is an open intake facility.  Extensive efforts are made by the RCACP to partner with rescue groups that have space to accept available dogs and cats and will assist rescue groups through the process of rescuing animals from our facility.  The RCACP Rescue Coordinator is available to assist in saving those animal lives. 

Any rescue group wishing to become one of our rescue partners will be required to complete and submit the Rescue Partner Application and RCACP Rescue Certification forms.

Healthy Animals

Unless other arrangements are made between the RCACP and rescue groups, animals rescued from the RCACP will receive spay/neuter surgery.  These services will be provided by Mountain View Humane, low cost, high volume, spay/neuter clinic in Roanoke, VA. Desired preliminary testing and vaccinations may be provided by the RCACP Veterinarian.  Please request needed services through the Rescue Coordinator when arranging rescue.

All dogs will receive the following veterinary care:

  • examination;
  • spay or neuter surgery;
  • heartworm testing (if 6 months of age or older);
  • deworming with Pyrantel;
  • microchipping;
  • flea and tick prevention;
  • and vaccinations for rabies (if 4 months of age or older), distemper and bordetella.

All cats will receive the following veterinary care:

  • examination;
  • spay or neuter surgery;
  • feline leukemia test;
  • FIV test (males over 6 months of age);
  • deworming with Pyrantel;
  • microchipping;
  • and vaccinations for rabies (if 4 months of age or older), and distemper.

If possible, a fecal exam and deworming for any other internal parasites observed will be provided.

Unless otherwise requested, testing and other veterinary services (other than spay/neuter surgeries) are provided at the RCACP. Payment for those services will be due when requested.

The fees for spay/neuter and other services provided by Mountain View Humane are outlined in the Standard Operating Procedure document.

Health certificates will be provided for dogs and cats traveling outside of Virginia.  If your organization prefers veterinary care to be provided by your own veterinarian, please contact the RCACP Rescue Coordinator for assistance.

Animal Temperament Testing

We suggest each rescue perform a behavioral assessment on an animal they are interested in accepting.  If the animal displays a behavior at the facility that raises serious concerns, the RCACP will prepare a written behavioral disclosure on the animal. 

Becoming One Of Our Rescue Partners

If you become one of our rescue partners, an RCACP staff member or volunteer will contact your organization if/when an animal meeting your rescue requirements becomes available.  Your group should also monitor our website,, our Facebook page, and for animals coming into our facility.  Staff and volunteers can provide the following information on an animals being held at RCACP:

  • identification number/name;
  • breed and color;
  • gender, estimated age and weight;
  • date and reason for coming into the RCACP;
  • any medical comments/concerns and medical care performed;
  • behavioral comments/concerns;
  • any other pertinent information.

When animals have been designated for release to your rescue group, they will be transported to Mountain View Humane for surgeries/vaccinations according to the schedule indicated on the Standard Operating Procedures document.  Mountain View Humane is a low cost-high volume spay/neuter clinic and does not have space to hold animals waiting to go to rescue.  The RCACP, also, has limited space and is not able to hold animals.  It is important, therefore, that you pick up the animal(s) on the date that they become available. 

The RCACP staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping find homes for the many animals who come through the doors of the RCACP.

Please complete the Rescue Partner Application and submit the requested documentation.  You are also required to complete and submit the RCACP Rescue Certification form.  Thank you so much for your help in saving more lives!